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TA-HCT Microcomputer differential thermal balance

Instrument uses

Main measurement and heat related physical and chemical changes, such as the melting point, heat of fusion and heat of crystallization crystallization, phase change heat of reaction, thermal stability (oxidation induction period), the glass transition temperature, adsorption

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and desorption, content of the component analysis, decomposition, compound, dehydration, and other additives to study the changes.


Instrument features

1, type DSC heat flow data collection methods, draw energy and temperature curves.

2, the user can make use of a standard sample temperature, energy, TGA correction accuracy.

3, the atmosphere control system uses a mass flow controller, three-way regulation, steady flow gas during the experiment can be automatically switched, high accuracy, good repeatability, fast response (can be customized resistance to various corrosive gas atmosphere control system ).

4, from the small sample to sample large doses can meet (replacement rod, the largest sample of up to 5g). Can meet a variety of different conditions the sample testing requirements.

5, all of the measurement process automatically, automatic drawing, rich software features to be completed by DTA, TG, DTG, DTTG conventional data processing; special data processing (DTA peak area, enthalpy calculations, kinetic parameter calculation, data comparison, a variety of algorithm to calculate the activation energy, glass transition temperature, specific heat, etc. comparative measurement).

6, the system during sample collection, you can capture any moment, according to the size of the output signal autoranging.

7, large-screen LCD display, real-time display of the instrument status and data, two sets of temperature galvanic, galvanic real-time display of a furnace (furnace work whether or not) another set of galvanic sample temperature display work.

8, the user is given the calculation formula or calculation method, I can plant in a timely manner to provide the corresponding software development products.

9, self-developed thermostats; thermostatic gas chromatography, mass spectrometry connector; constant temperature zone; can fully guarantee the tar and various secondary reaction gas detection.

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