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Synchronous thermal analyzer

Product introduction:

Synchronous thermal analysis combines TGA (Thermogravimetric Analysis) with DTA (Differential Thermal Analysis) or DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry), in which we can get the information of TG and DTA or DSC in synchrony using the same sample during the same operation.

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Measure and research the following characteristics of the materials:DSC: Melting and crystallization, phase change, reaction temperature and heat, heat of combustion and specific heat capacity, etcTG:Thermal stability, decomposition, REDOX, adsorption and adsorption, free water and gesso content, ingredients proportion computation, etc

Technical parameters:

Synchronous thermal analyzer

1. Temperature range: Room temperature ~1150°C (Can be extended to 1350°C)

2. Temperature resolution: 0.1 °C

3. Temperature fluctuation: ±0.1°C

4. Heating rate: 1 ~ 80 °C / min

5. * Cooling rate: 1 ~ 20 °C / min   optional cooling system

6. Temperature control mode: Rising temperature, Cooling temperature, Constant temperature

7. Constant temperature time : 0~300min   Can be set arbitrarily

8. cooling time: 15min(1000°C~100°C)

9. Wide range of weighing: 1mg~2g  (Can be extended to 5g)

10. DSC measuring range: 0 ~ ±500mW

11. DSC Resolution: 1μW

12. Resolution: 0.1 ug

13. Constant temperature and time: 0 ~ 300min Can be set arbitrarily

14. Display: English characters liquid crystal display (LCD)

15. Atmosphere: Inertia, oxidability, reducibility, static and dynamic

16. Atmosphere device: Built-in gas flow meter, including switch two way gas and control flow volume  17. Software: Intelligent software can record TG curves automatically, Processing data and print experimental statements

18. Data interface: RSS - 232 interface, special software (the software is free upgrades)

19. Work Power: AC220V  50Hz

20. Warranty: Three years, and the software is free upgrades

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