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Nano particle size analyzer

Laser type: imported dual wavelength laser

Technical standards: GB/T 19627-2005/ISO 13321:1996

GB/T 29022-2012/ISO 22412:2008

Test range: 1nm-10000nm

Detection unit: dynamic light scattering (photomultiplier tube (PMT))

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 LDY9NH is our latest nanometer particle size analyzer based on the principle of dynamic light scattering by labmen instrument technology limited. It uses high-speed digital correlator and professional high-performance photomultiplier tube as the core device, which is of the future of fast, high resolution, repeatability and accuracy. It is the first choice for nanoparticle particle size measurement.


Main performance characteristics:

Advanced Test Principle: This instrument uses dynamic light scattering principle and photon correlation spectroscopy to determine the particle size based on the velocity of the Brownian motion of the particles in the liquid. The Brownian movement speed of small particle is fast, the Brownian movement speed of large particle is slow, the laser illuminates the particles, and the particles of different sizes will make the scattered light appear different speed fluctuations. Photon correlation spectroscopy analyzes the particle size based on photon fluctuations in a particular direction. Therefore, the instrument has the characteristics of advanced principle and high precision, thus ensuring the authenticity and effectiveness of the test results; it is the first choice for the determination of nano-activated particle size.


High sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio: The detector of this instrument adopts professional-grade high-performance photomultiplier tube (PMT), which has extremely high sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio to photon signals, thus ensuring the accuracy of test results.


Superior computing capabilities: Using PCS technology to measure nanoscale particle size, it must be able to resolve nanosecond signal fluctuations. The core component of the instrument uses a high-speed photon correlator developed by an application-specific integrated circuit ASIC. It has a very high resolution capability of 6ns and a very high signal processing speed. It can quickly collect photons in real time , calculate related operations and lay the foundation for test.


Dual-wavelength laser: The optical path system built by dual-wavelength (λ=454nm, λ=532nm) lasers is used exclusively. The correlation spectrum detection system is not only small in size, but also has strong anti-interference ability, thus ensuring the stability of the test; Some samples have absorbance properties, traditional single-wavelength lasers can not detect these samples, our company's latest LDY9NH equipped with dual-wavelength laser can effectively detect such samples.


High-precision temperature control system: The accuracy of the sample cell temperature control system and the laser temperature control system is up to ±0.1 °C, so that the sample to be tested and the laser source are in a constant temperature state throughout the test process, avoiding the influence of temperature changes on the non-test results, ensuring The accuracy and repeatability of the test;


Ultra-functional analysis software: The inversion algorithm in the analysis software adopts the accumulative method recommended by international standards and the current common non-negative least squares (NNLS) and Contin and other algorithms. The test results are similar to those of international authoritative products, which has good consistency;


Accurate and stable testing: The combination of high-performance hardware and internationally standardized inversion algorithms results in accurate and repeatable test results, with test accuracy and repeatability being higher than international standards.


Technical parameters 

Specification model


Executive standard

GB/T 29022-2012/ISO 224122008

Test Range

1-10000nm (related to the sample)

Concentration range


Accuracy error

<1% (national standard sample average particle size)

Repeatability error

<1% (national standard sample average particle size)


λ=405nm, λ=532nm (exclusive dual-wavelength laser)


Photomultiplier tube (PMT)

Scattering angle


Sample cell

10mm*10mm, 4ml (with temperature control protection)

temperature range

8-45 ° C (accuracy ± 0.1 ° C)

Test speed

<1Min/time (excluding sample dispersion time)

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