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Split Spraying Laser Particle Size Analyzers

It is a split-style laser particle size analyzer dedicated to studying sprays. It can also study particles dispersed within air or liquids, or emulsions if it’s used in combination with dry/wet dispersing systems.

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 Main Features:

1.         Measurement principle: It carries out non-contact measurements on sprays and the calculation is based on Fraunhofer light diffraction theory. An unconstrained fitting program processes the data and can obtain accurate results for any sorts of size distributions.

2.         Novel technique: The spectrum amplification technique extended the measurable range up to 2000um, without the need to increase the instrument dimension. Multiple detector arrays measure the scattered laser at a wide range of angles and this ensures reliable results for both big and small particles.

3.         Split-style With such a design the spray range can be adjust from 1 to 10 meters. This meets the needs of many users, and the measurements have non-contact and non-disturbance to the sprays. Such an open design makes It to be able to study particles dispersed within air or liquids, or emulsions if it’s used in combination with the dry/wet dispersing systems

4.         Contamination proof The instrument is protected from contamination of the sprays.

5.         Rich software functions: Beside the basic function of analyzing the size distributions, the software also has the following features:

a)         The output has rich content including: size distribution, R-R distribution, logarithmic distribution, statistics within different size ranges, volume distribution, number distribution, the percentage of particles of a certain size, or a certain size range, and comparison of multiple results.

b)         The output could be in Word, Excel, Bmp pictures and Text formats, and this makes easy viewing and referencing the results at different situations.

c)         It supports English and Chinese languages, and it can be changed to many other language versions according to the user’s needs.

d)         Calibration: Throughout the measurable size ranges the instrument is calibrated with China’s standard reference particulate materials. The resolution and accuracy are guaranteed.

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