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LDY1900C wet particle size analyzer

Laser type: imported fiber semiconductor laser

Product Name: LDY1900C Wet Particle Size Analyzer

Technical standard: GB/T 19077-2016/ISO 13320:2009

Test range: 0.1um~1250um, 0.1um~2000um

Detection unit: 86, 96

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LDY1900C is the latest product developed by Labmen instrument technology limited. It has won the praise of our customers since its listing. The LDY1900C uses the most advanced Mie scattering principle and concentrated light Fourier transform optical path. The high-density probe and the full-scale seamless connection test method ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the test results. The unique wet-process circulating dispersion system ensures no particle deposition during the particle testing process, and no waste liquid accumulation after testing the drainage, which ensures the second test accuracy and makes the test result more realistic and reliable. At the same time, the pipeline has no residue design. The accuracy of testing different samples is guaranteed. The superior optical path proofing system demonstrates the unique advantages of the LDY1900C.

Main performance:

Sample window quick change device: The newly designed sample window quick change device makes the sample window replacement more convenient and quick (the sample window can be disassembled and assembled in 20 seconds).

Advanced light path design: LDY1900C adopts concentrated light Fourier transform test technology to ensure maximum range at the shortest focal length and effectively improve the resolution of the instrument. The unique high-density detection unit allows the LDY1900C to have superior small particle test capability. The high-density detection unit enables the LDY1900C to have superior full-scale seamless testing capability, and the high-profile version uses a dual-optical path design.

Imported fiber-optic semiconductor laser: LDY1900C adopts high-stability, long-life imported high-power fiber-optic output semiconductor laser. The excellent monochromaticity and stability make LDY1900C have superior test repeatability.

Laser power monitoring and automatic adjustment: The exclusive use of constant power laser, real-time detection of laser power and automatic adjustment function, effectively avoiding the problem of laser power attenuation caused by long-term use. At the same time, the constant current and constant voltage high-filter laser power supply is used to effectively extend the life of the laser, and the normal use reaches more than 30,000 hours.

Dustproof and shockproof design: The whole instrument has been sealed and designed to greatly improve the service life of internal components. The unique suspension structure can effectively avoid the interference of external vibration to the instrument, and make the result test more stable and reliable.

Automatic alignment: The exclusive use of the combination of mechanical center and optical center, the optical path automatically adjusts the positioning more accurately, reaching the micron level; at the same time, the optical path adjustment speed is faster and can be adjusted in 15 seconds. The self-developed automatic alignment system consists of stepper motor, precision guide rail, precision controller and software system. The minimum step distance is 0.2 microns, ensuring that the focus of the laser beam always passes through the center point of the detector, improving the accuracy of the test results and testing and repeatability. The automatic alignment system is standard on all models of Labmen laser size analyzers.

Intelligent automatic operation mode: The software realizes one-button operation, automatic water inlet, automatic injection, automatic test and automatic cleaning. The whole test process realizes one-button automatic operation, which is convenient and quick to use.

Unique micro-circulation system: The whole distributed circulation system is optimized. The dispersion medium is more than 180 ml and can be cyclically tested. It has really reached the micro-circulation test. All joints adopt the quick-insertion and quick-screw design, and all the pipes can be replaced in a short time. The optimized design ensures no waste residue after draining, ensuring the accuracy of the next test result.

Ultra-wide range: LDY1900C range reached 0. 1μm ~ 2000μm.

Ultrasonic anti-dry: LDY1900C is equipped with 100W high-power ultrasound, and has ultrasonic anti-dry function.

Operational protection: LDY1900C has self-protection function, which does not respond to some misoperations that will damage the instrument, and greatly reduces the damage caused by human error.

Temperature and humidity measurement: The instrument displays the internal temperature of the instrument, the internal humidity of the instrument and the temperature of the test medium in real time.

Dew point alarm: The fogging of the sample window will affect the accuracy of the measurement. Such test results have no practical significance. The LDY1900C is equipped with a foggy alarm system. Once the fogging software is reached, the sample window fogging warning will be automatically issued.

Free bubble design: The new design makes no air bubbles enter the test sample window during the whole test process, avoiding air bubble interference (we exclusive of the bubble free function technology).

Sample no residue design: The instrument pipeline and drainage structure have been optimized. There is no residual liquid in the instrument pipeline and circulating pump to avoid the impact on the next test data. The dry test also has no residue design.


The main technical parameters:



Executive standard

GB/T 19077-2016/ISO 13320:2009

Test Range

0.1μm -1250μm, 0.1μm -2000μm

Number of detector channels

86, 96

Accuracy error

<1% (national standard sample D50 value)

Repeatability error

<0.5% (national standard sample D50 value)

Free bubble

With bubble-free design, no bubble interference data is more accurate

Misoperation protection

The instrument has a self-protection function that is mis-operated, and the instrument does not respond to misoperations.

Laser parameters

Imported fiber output high power laser λ= 650nm, p>10mW

Optical path calibration

Optical path auto-calibration

Dispersion method


Frequency: f=40KHz, power: p=100W, time: freely adjustable; with ultrasonic anti-dry

Circulation, mixing

Cycle mixing integrated design,

speed: 100-33950rpm adjustable speed

Circulating flow

Rated flow: 0-30L/min adjustable Rated power: 25W

Sample cell

Self-designed boiling sample cell, better dispersion effect, capacity: 190-600mL can be tested normally


The instrument can be equipped with a micro-automatic test device, 10 ml can be tested Cyclically (optional)

Dustproof and shockproof design

The whole machine adopts dustproof and shockproof design.

Anti-corrosion design (optional)

Can be equipped with acid, alkali, oil (including all solvent oil), organic solvents (such as acetone, phenol, n-hexane and other organic solvents).

Software function

Analysis mode

Including free distribution, R-R distribution and lognormal distribution, according to the hierarchical statistical model, to meet the different requirements of different industries for the statistical method of sample size measurement

Statistical methods

Volume distribution and quantity distribution to meet different statistical methods for particle size distribution in different industries

Statistical comparison

Statistical comparison analysis can be carried out for multiple test results, which can obviously compare the differences between different batches of samples, samples before and after processing, and test results at different times, which has a strong practical significance for the quality control of industrial raw materials.

Self-DIY display template

The user customizes the data to be displayed, and calculates the percentage according to the particle size, the particle size according to the percentage, or the percentage according to the particle size interval to satisfy the characterization of the particle size test by different industries. Span, consistency, interval accumulation, etc.

testing report

The test report can export various forms of documents such as Word, Excel, Picture (Bmp) and Text (Text), which can be used to view test reports and research results in scientific research articles in any situation.


language support

Chinese and English language interface support, and other language interfaces can be embedded according to user requirements.

Intelligent operating mode

Really automatic unmanned operation, no one interferes with the factors, you only need to add the sample to be tested according to the prompt, the repeatability of the test results is better

Operating mode

Computer operation

Test speed

<1min/time (excluding sample dispersion time)





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