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Fully automatic wet laser particle size analyzer

LDY2500H is the latest product developed by Labmen instrument technology limted. It is not a simple upgrade of LDY2001. It has won the praise of customers since its listing. LDY2500H is a wet-automatic laser particle size analyzer that uses the most advanced Mie scattering principle and concentrated light Fourier transform optical path. 


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Advanced light path design: LDY2500H adopts concentrated light Fourier transform test technology to ensure the maximum range at the shortest focal length and effectively improve the resolution of the instrument. The unique high-density detection unit allows LDY2500H to have super small particles. Test capability, high-density detection unit enables the LDY2500H to have superior full-scale seamless testingcapabilities.

Fully sealed  fiber-optic  semiconductor  laser:  LDY2500H  uses  a  highly  stable,long-life fully sealed fiber-optic semiconductor laser. The excellent stability makes the LDY2500H have superior testrepeatability

Laser power monitoring and automatic adjustment: The exclusive use of constant powerlaser, real-time detection of laser power and automatic adjustment function, effectively avoiding the problem of laser power attenuation caused by long-term use. At the same time, the constant current and constant voltage high-filter laser power supply is used to effectively extend the life of thelaser,andthenormalusereachesmorethan30,000hours.

Fully automatic test:  Really automatic test, all you have to do is put the sample,   no interference data, no need to manually select the data.The instrument has SOP self-editing function,andtheSOPoperationflowiseditedaccordingtodifferentsamples.

Double injection system:the world's first dual wet cycle test system,the minimum10ml can be cycled test, saving more valuable samples than the non-circular micro sample cell test of other manufacturers,thetestdataismoreaccurateandmorestable(optional).

Pipe self-cleaning system: the world's first self-cleaning system for particle size  analyzer. The instrument not only can automatically clean the pipeline, but also can automatically add various cleaningagentstokeeptheinstrumentcleanforalongtime(optional).

Sample window coating process: The sample window has been coated in foreign countries, and the surface is coated with 650 nm laser anti-reflection film to completely eliminate the surface reflection of the sample window, and the detection result of removing stray light interferenceismoreaccurate.

96-channel simultaneous acquisition of the motherboard: Now the manufacturer claims  that its motherboard is thousands of scans is too low-level, our company's newly developed 96-channel simultaneous acquisition motherboard instantly collects all channel data, this speed is notcomparabletoordinarymotherboardthousandsoftimes(optional).

Ultrasonic anti-dry function: After careful research and development, LDY2500H can realize ultrasonicanti-dryfunctiontoavoiddamagetoultrasoundintheabsenceofwater.

Adjustable ultrasonic power: In order to meet the dispersion requirements of different samples, LDY2500Hrealizesadjustableultrasonicpowerof0to100watts(optional).

Dustproof and shockproof design:  The  whole  instrument  has been  sealed  and  designedto greatly improve the service life of internal components. The unique anti-vibration structure can effectively avoid the interference of external vibration to the instrument,and make the test result more stable andreliable.

Strong anti-corrosion design (optional): According to the actual needs of customers, it can  be

equipped with acid, alkali and oil resistant (including all solvent oil) and organic solvent (such as acetone,phenol,n-hexane and other organic solvents).

Automaticalignment:The exclusive use of the combination of mechanical center and optical center, the optical path automatically adjusts the positioning more accurately, reaching the micron level; at the same time, the optical path adjustment speed is faster and faster and can be adjusted in 15 seconds. The self-developed automatic alignment system consists of  stepper motor, precision guide rail, precision controller and software system. The minimum step distance is 0.2 microns, ensuring that the focus of the laser beam always passes through the center point ofthedetector,improvingtheaccuracyofthetestresultsandtestingrepeatability.

Unique micro-circulation system: The whole distributed circulation system is optimized.    The dispersion medium is more than 120 ml and can be cyclically tested. It has really reached the micro-circulation test. The optimized design ensures no waste residue after drainage, which guaranteesthenexttestresult.accuracy.(microtestisoptional)

Double-cycle system:In order to meet the needs of special users,theLDY2500H  can be equipped with a dual-cycle system. The micro-system can be cycled by more than 15 ml. (Other manufacturers'microtestsarestatic)

Free bubble  design:  The  new design  makes no bubbles  enter  the test sample window  and avoids air bubbleinterference.

Sample no residue design: The instrument pipeline and drainage structure have been optimized, and there is no residual liquid in the instrument pipeline and circulating pump to avoid the impact on the next testdata.

Sample  window  quick  change  device:  The  newly  designed  sample  window  quick  change device makes the sample window replacement more convenient and quick.









The number ofdetector channel



The accuracy oferror

<1%The national standard sampleD50


<0.5%The national standard sampleD50





Instrument has misuse self-protectionfunction, the instrument does not respond tomisuse


Fiber output high power laserλ= 635nm,  p>10mW

The light pathcalibration

Optical pathauto-calibration





Dispersion method



frequencyf=40KHz, powerp=100W, Time: adjustable; with anti-dry-burning ultrasound

Circulation, stirring






Self-designed boiling sample pool, betterdispersion, capacity190-600mL Can be a normaltest

Micro-injection (optional)

Instrumentcanbeequippedwithmicro-automatictestdevice, 10 ml to cycletest



Software features




Including the free distribution, T distribution and logarithmic normal distribution,accordingtothepurposeofstatisticalmodels,etc.,tomeetthe differentsectorsofthemeasuredsampleparticlesizestatisticalmethodsof differentrequirements

Statistical methods

Volumedistributionandquantitydistribution,inordertomeetthedifferent industriesfordifferentstatisticalmethodsofparticlesizedistribution

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