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Many Elements High-speed Analytical Instrument

DHF82 many elements high-speed analytical instrument is developed on the basis of photometric analysis principle.

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 It adopts unique measures to extend the linearity and to increase the sensitivity. It settles the problems of linear deviation and poor sensitivity for the conventional photometric analysis method. High-precision and high-speed analysis is successfully achieved in a wide range. This instrument has remarkable advantage in the field of silicate system analysis. It is specially suitable for the industries of ceramics, refractory, cement, glass, geology and nonmetal deposits.

Main technical parameter:
1. Measuring Range
1-1  Measurable Elements and Measuring Range
SiO2 0.2-99%   Al2O3 0.2-99%    Fe2O3 0.1-99%    TiO2 0.1-99%
K2O 0.1-15%   Na2O 0.1-15%    CaO 0.1-99%      MgO 0.1-99%
B2O3 0.1-30%    ZrO2 0.1-99%    Li2O 0.1-15%     SnO 0.1-99%
PbO 0.1-20%    ZnO 0.1-15%     MnO 0.1-15%    Cr2O3 0.1-15%
BaO 0.1-10%    NiO 0.1-15%     CoO 0.1-10%     P2O5 0.1-30%
1-2  High-speed analysis of principal component of follouing chemical materials can be carried out by this analytical instrument:
Chromic salts, V2O5 product, MnO product, NiO product, titanium white, phosphate,
 cobalt oxide, Zinic oxide, boric acid, borax, barium carbonate, sodium silicate.
1-3  High-precision analysis of low-content component
This analytical instrument can extend the measuring lower limit of such elements as Fe2O3TiO2K2ONa2OCaOMgOP2O5MnO and Cr2O3 to be 0.02%. Analysis precision is better than 0.02%.   
2. Analysis Precision
   Analysis precision for each element can reach or be superior to the allowable errors specified in the relevant national standards.
3. Analysis Speed
   Overall analysis of SiO2Al2O3Fe2O3TiO2K2ONa2OCaO and MgO can be finished within 2-3 hours from weighing.
   Analysis of other elements can be finished within 4-6 hours.
4. Sample injection channel:  3 channels
5. Number of samples to be measured in succession:  10 samples
Composition of Equipment
1. DHF82 type main unit:     one set
2. Date processing system:    one set
3. Flame photometer:        one set
4. Silver crucible:           two sets

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