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Ceramics for daily use impact tester

This instrument is used for impact test and hollowware edge flatware and hollowware center of impact test. Used to measure: 1, a blow energy to produce the initial crack.2, the energy required to produce completely broken.

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Main technical parameters

1, the biggest impact energy:1.962.

2, dial minimum scale value is:0.066.

3, maximum pendulum angle: 120 degrees

4, to the point of impact pendulum shaft center distance:300 mm

5, the largest  lifting distance of the table: 120 mm

6, maximum  vertical movement distance to:210 mm

7, the  size of sample is 6 inch to 10 inch ,half plate, height of sample ≤ 10 cm,The  diameter of cup or plate ≤ 8 cm

8, tester net weight: 100 kg

9, test instrument dimensions: 890 x 370 x 925mm

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