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Color difference meter

This color difference meter is one kind of high performance instrument which is widely used for textile, dye, printing, paper making and so on. It can test the reflected color of each kinds of things, whiteness and the color difference between two objects.

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Main technical parameter and specification
1.geometrical condition for lighting: o/d density. The general reaction should equal to CIE standard object D65 and the 10º FOV matching function stimulus value X10Y10Z10. ( the below will be short for XYZ)
3.The lighting area requirement of the sample: Φ18
4.Power supply: 220V+22V50Hz+1Hz
5.Displaying mode: printing by digital displaying output.
6.Color systems:
1Color: XYZxyL*a*b*LabL*、u*、v*;L*、c*、h;λd、Pe;
2  Color difference: ΔEL*a*b*);ΔELab);ΔEL*u*v*);ΔL*ΔC*ΔH*
3) whiteness
aGanz whiteness: the recommend CIE two unknown linear whiteness.
bBlue-ray whiteness: WB
cTabble: the recommended W=4B-3C by ASTM
dThe reflected whiteness of R457
7.Repeatability: σuY0.5σuX),σuY0.003
8.Stability: ΔY0.6

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