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Ethylene oxide sterilizer(large)

Product Typevertical( automatic door )

Heating methodelectric heating

Temperature at sterilization50 ℃ ± 5 ℃

Work pressure】 -50pa

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 Highest anti-pressure value-140kpa

Sterilizing humidity45-85%

Selection of sterilizers80% Ethylene oxide gas and 20% carbon dioxide mixed gas

Vacuum speed15 minutes to -50pa

Chamber material304 anti-corrosion type stainless steel 

Carton material

Carbon steel(thickness1.5mm)baking powder

Power supplyAC380V/50Hz

Ethylene oxide concentration0.6g/L

Sterilization timeAdjustable 0-99 bours


Air replacementAutomatic ventilation 3times,periodic intervals for30minutes

Full automatic control systemOne button start to the end,the whole process automatically complete paint records

Display statusDisplay temperature,humidity,pressure,sterilization time,processing time,the number of residual gas

PrinterThe whole process of sterilization information records to print,in order to prepare for verification

Humidity sensor, Pressure sensor , Temperature sensorHumidity,pressure and temperature sensors are used to detect the humidity,pressure and temperature in the chamber automatically,which ensures the data to be kept in a precise range.

Vacuum systemAdopting the oil free.vacuum pump,which is simple and convenient,the vacuum speed  is fast,and the service life is long.

Sealing doorUsing electric automatic doors,pneumatic sealing easy operation,good sealing

Heating systemExplosion proof electric heating device is adopted,which is more convenient and quick

Multiple protection functionWith over-temperature protection function,more safe and reliable

Sealant stripConcave and concex type sealing ring (patent product)silica gel material

Shelf304stainless steel

Push cartCarbon steel material

Residual gasresidual processing device filter on particle diameter of more than 0.3 m the filtering rate of not less than 99.5%.

sterilization roomleak rate determination of leakage rate at no-load, sterilization room temperature constant, test pressure -50kPa, time 1H were determined under the conditions of determination of time average leakage rate less than 0.16kPa/min.

ratevacuum under no-load condition, atmospheric vacuum sterilizer from time to -50kPa should be less than 30min.

automatic dosingthe first domestic sterilization chamber piercing technology, to ensure the full use of gas, zero leakage, more safe and reliable.

heating systemadopts explosion proof electric heating device

a variety of protective functionswith over-voltage, over temperature protection function, more safe and reliable.

alarm systemhas high temperature alarm system, ultra low pressure alarm system

categoryspecial medical sterilization equipment


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