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LA-722 Visible spectrophotometer

Instruments and equipment details

- the unique design of the grating monochromator, ensure that the instrument has excellent optical properties;
In the single-chip technology, realizes the intelligent instrument and digital function;

More details

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 Automatic zero adjustment and full automatic degree, simple operation, user-friendly;

In the bright digital display transmittance, absorbance and concentration test parameters
In the data processing precision is as high as 1/100000, to achieve error free T/A data conversion;

- full wavelength filter switch automatically, without manual operation;
- 85-264VAC adaptive wide input voltage switching power supply, to ensure that the instrument in Any power environment can work under normal conditions.

Product introduction:
Main features:
1 wide sample room, can accommodate 10 - 50mm of various specifications of the color plate;
2 unique design of the optical system, high performance holographic grating and the receiver to ensure that the instrument has excellent performance indicators;
3 single operation, linear regression equation and so on;
4 Application of the latest computer processing technology to make the operation more convenient
5 wavelength manual
6 working mode, T/A/C/F

Detailed parameters:
This instrument model: 722
- wavelength range: 320-1020nm
The spectral bandwidth: 4.8nm
The accuracy of wavelength: 2nm.
- wavelength repeatability: 1nm
- photometric accuracy: + 0.5%T
- Photometric repeatability: 0.2%T
The stray light: 0.3T (360nm/420)
The minimum resolution of 1nm
The absorbance range: -0.3-3.0A, 0-200%T

: imported silicon photodiode detector
- source: imported tungsten lamp
data output: RS-232 standard interface
- Print: serial
- Power: AC 85~230, 50Hz/60Hz
This instrument size: 380 x 300 x 180

- machine weight: 4kg

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