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Visible Spectrophotometer, 320-1000nm

Main Features:

The sepctrophotometer adopts 128*64-bit dot matrix LCD display, which can directly display standard curve and test data and the host can store test data, and pint is optional for the instrument.

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It has USB data output interface for on-line operation with professional soft.

It can establish standard curve directly to have correlative test. The instrument can test   and store 200 sets of data continually, and can store 100 standard curve, users can name and use it directly.

The unique design of optical system, high-performance 1200 A/mm grating and imported receiver ensure excellent performance of the instrument.

It can calibrate and set wavelength automatically. 

The wide sample room can accommodate 5-100 mm various specifications of cuvette.

It has metal dome, which is simple and easy to operate.

It can recover factory settings automatically.

The operating software can realize remote upgrade and update.It has fault diagnosis system which can ensure measurement stability and accuracy.


1.Quantitative examination: display the curve map and equation through establishing a standard curve, and then input the test data according the Lambert-Beer theory.

2.Photometric measurement: test the solvent under a set wavelength. A: absorbance; T: transmittance; C: concentration.

3.Particular features: automatically adjust and calibrate wavelength and store data.

4.Equipped with automatically quadruple or eight joint cuvette

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