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Heat Seal Tester

Heat Seal Tester Product Features:

This product adopts hot-pressing sealing method to test the plastic film substrate, flexible packaging composite film, coated paper and other sealing composite membrane’s sealing temperature, sealing time, sealing pressure and other parameters, to provide users with precise sealing test index. 

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Full digital control system, the key components adopt famous brand products, high degree of automation and easy operation.


Technical Features:

1. Control system digital display, fully automated equipment;

2. Digital P.I.D. temperature control, high precision temperature control;

3. Selected heat sealing cutter materials and customized heating tube, uniform heat sealing surface temperature;

4. Double cylinder structure, internal pressure balancing mechanism;

5. Pneumatic control components are of high precision, completely in famous brands;

6. Anti-hot design and electric leakage protection design, safe operation;

7.Well-designed heating element, heat dissipation evenly, long service life;

8. Automatic and manual modes operating mode, realizing efficient operation;

9 .Control panel in ergonomically optimized design, easy operation;


Technical Specifications:




Sealing Temperature

RT ~ 300 (Accuracy ± 1 )

Sealing Pressure

0 ~ 0.7Mpa

Sealing Time

0.01 ~ 9999.99s

Heat Seal Surface

300mm × 10mm

Heating Mode

Single heating or double heating

Air Pressure


Test Conditions

Standard test environment

Host Size

550mm × 330mm × 460mm (L × B × H)


AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz

Net Weight

25 kg



ASTM F2029, YBB 00122003



 Host, foot switch (gas source equipped with user)

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