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Standards compliant     

Octane measurement is in accordance with: ASTM D2699, GB/T18339, ASTM D2700.

Diesel cetane number measurement is in accordance with: ASTM D4737, ASTM D613, EN ISO 5165.

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 Instrument characteristics

The octane cetane number analyzer is commonly used for on-site analysis of octane number of power gasoline, corresponding to motor and research methods (RON and MON), and also to cetane analysis of diesel. The octane analyzer is widely used throughout the world.

1. Analysis principle of insulating permeability and electromagnetic induction charge characteristics of octane number of gasoline and cetane number of diesel oil

2, the instrument is very sensitive, can measure small changes in dielectric parameters, atmospheric pressure correction function

3. More comprehensive and accurate measurement of various data of petroleum products

4, can measure a variety of gasoline containing additives

5. Measuring the cetane number of diesel, diesel type and condensation temperature

6. Display RON, MON and anti-explosion index (AKI) at the same time. AKI=(RON+MON)/2.

7, powerful processing chip can quickly and accurately process data, compatible with WINDOWS system

8, with temperature correction, low cost of use

9, simple and easy to operate, small size, easy to carry, box anti-vibration, anti-solvent, sealed

10, four rows with backlit LCD display, suitable for low temperature environment, power indication, external low voltage power supply







Technical Parameter

Octane measurement range (ON) is measured in ON: 40-120

Allowable measurement error of octane meter: per unit (maximum): 0.5

Floating range of octane meter measurement results per unit (maximum): ±0.2

Allowable measurement error of cetane meter, CN unit (maximum value): ±1

Floatable range of cetane meter measurement results: CN unit (maximum value): ±0.5

Measurement time (seconds): 1-5

Critical value of battery voltage too low V: 5.4

Normal working hours (unit: hour): 1000

Dimensions: main unit 100mmх210mmх40mm

Sensor 60mmх100mm

Weight: 0.7Kg


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