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portable octane tester

1.1  Description

It adopts International advanced integrated circuit technology and Precision inductive components, its various performance and indicators all reached or overreached the domestic advanced level.


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 It can be fast, convenient, precise to test the octane value of the gasoline without any damage of the sample. Suitable for the laboratory, also can be used in field test, instrument adopts artificial intelligence technology, strong function and easy to use.

1.2  Specification

Working environment

The instrument got a portable special designed box can test the engine fuel in oil field or laboratory under the conditions of measurement the Instrument’s working conditions and index range mainly includes:

Working temperature (environment temperature): -5°C~+30°C

Relative humidity: 80% (≤25°C)

atmospheric pressure: 84~106 kPa

power supply: DC (AA)6V


Main function

It is Suitable for measuring motor gasoline’s octane value

Varieties of product inspection mode has been set into the instrument: such as, Gasoline octane value mode, General gasoline mode, blended gasoline mode, Methanol gasoline mode, Ethanol gasoline mode, Stone brain gasoline mode, Aromatic gasoline mode and the other five customer mode.

The instrument got automatic proof function, the correction feature, can use standard oil to pursue one point, two point, three point correction, can automatically revise the system error.

The instrument is equipped With temperature adjustment function can regulate the octane value according to certain problems

The instrument got EL backlit display, it’s Convenient for using in dark situation

The instrument got directive function of the dump energy, which Can display battery’s left energy

The instrument possesses automatic sleep; Auto power-off and some other kinds of power saving function; can be connected to the micro printer (manufacturer’s designated model) to print measurement report directly.

The measured data can be storage management and printed.

The instrument is small, portable, and got high reliability, suitable for the harsh operating environment, resistance to vibration, impact and electromagnetic interference.

It can display measuring time.

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