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1.1  Description

OC130 is a portable, digital display octane cetane number tester, it can be quick and easy, accurate and not damage the oil sample to detect octane number of gasoline and cetane number of diesel, applies to the laboratory, can also be used for site inspection.


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It is the domestic first instrument which can not only detect the gasoline octane number, can also be applied to diesel cetane number. It uses dielectric constant method to detect octane number and cetane number detection technology, fully in line with international standards (ASTM D2699-86, ASTM D2700-86), commonly used in motor gasoline and diesel quality analysis, and correspond to study method RON, motor octane number MON and cetane number CN.


Main features
Measure gasoline octane number and diesel cetane number.
With the most authoritative gasoline octane and diesel cetane number database
The repeatable error range is 0.2 octane units.
Measuring gasoline containing additives.
Display RON, MON and antiknock index (AKI).
Measuring diesel cetane number CN, diesel type.
Powerful processing chip can quickly and accurately process the data.
The instrument is equipped with six kinds of oil test data model to adapt to a variety of complex conditions under oil measurement.
Easy operation, small size, easy to carry, cabinet vibration-proof, anti-solvent, sealing, low-cost.
Can be connected to the computer by RS232 data transmission lines, you can directly operate and print by the computer.
Traditional octane number test inspection machine and cetane number testing machine requires professional and technical personnel to operate, and the process is tedious, and need to consume a large number of reference fuel, the equipment maintenance cost is expensive. There are great difficulties in determination of octane number and cetane number for ordinary users. The efficiency of Lab130 fuel measurement method is higher than that of traditional method.


Measurement principle
Octane number detector principle lies in the insulating permeability and charge characteristics of the electromagnetic induction of the octane number of petrol and cetane number of diesel to measure. By measuring the dielectric properties of the oil, compared to the data model of known existence in the memory, thereby determining the results. The instrument is very sensitive, and can measure the tiny dielectric parameters change to get ctane number, cetane number, and other petroleum products parameters.


1.2  Specification
Technical parameters
Measurement project: all types of gasoline, diesel
Octane number measurement in line: ASTM D2699-86, ASTM D2700-86.
Diesel cetane number measurement in line: ASTM D4737-03, ASTM D613, EN ISO 5165.
Measuring range: octane number :40-120 (accuracy ± 0.5), cetane number :20-100 (accuracy ± 1)
Each sample measurement time: <8 seconds
Instrument current consumption: 30mA,
Battery standby time: 100 hours
Operating Range: temperature -10 to +40 ° C, relative humidity 30% to 81% R.H., atmospheric pressure 64 ~ 106kPa
Sensor: 60mm × 100mm,

Host machine: 236mmx130mmx43mm

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