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Microwave digestion

Product introduction:

Microwave digestion, as a high efficient sample preparation method, has advantages of fast heating, uniform heating performance, minimal reagent use, lower reagent blank, energy Saving and high efficiency. 

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It keeps sample for  volatile element analysis testing .It is widely used in food, textile, Geology, metallurgy, coal, biological medicine, petroleum chemistry, environment monitoring, sewage treatment, battery manufacturing fields.



Set standard curves according to pressure and time and display on the touch-screen

Test Pressure without, real-time monitoring and display pressure of the digestion vessel

Set digestion pressure and time according to different requirements

Set corresponding pressure protection in accordance with different conditions

Users can set parameters in various functions according to their own requirements

Different models can realize: high pressure digestion, multi-vessel closed digestion, confinedorganic synthesis

Can edit, and store 255 digestion programs; each method can set up 10 digestion procedure; Can set relative parameters(pressure, time and microwave power) according to user’s requirements.

Realize 360°rotation of digestion vessel to solve uniformity problem.

High- frequency and resonance type programming; Users can set 0-1000W according to their requirements.

  Automatic calibration for different parameters and basic troubleshooting function

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