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Intelligent Graphite Digestion

Capability Feature

Ø       Fast and even heating: The heating module is depressed. Each heating unit is made of high-purity graphite with PTFE spray-print. 

More details

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Inside solid wraparound heater strip makes the heating fast and even. It allows the temperature difference of every digest hole is less than ±1℃.This makes the multi-sample digestion reflect under the same temperature with a high effectiveness;

Ø       Electricity saving: Advanced solid heating design decreases the loss of heat to the most and uses the heat energy effectively. It could save 75% electricity power and cost less;

Ø       Convenient and safe: The mainframe of the digest, heating module, uses the high-purity graphite with PTFE spray-paint which is easy for cleaning and corrosion-resistant. It could be used safely in the strong acid and alkali analyzing environment;

Ø       High degree of intelligence: 50 degrees of heating process allows setting the temperature and time at will. This design avoids the effect of harmful gas and heat to analyst.

Technical Parameter

Ø       PTFE spray-print: easy for cleaning and corrosion-resistant;

Ø       Temperature ranging: two types of instrument could be used according to individual requirement:     PTFE spray-print: Room temperature - 260℃, able to adjust every ±0.5℃;     Graphite spray-print:Room temperature - 600℃, able to adjust every±0.5℃.

Ø       Process setting: 50 heating process could be set at will;

Ø       Time setting: 0~9999min/process;

Ø       Volume of sample: 24 samples at one time at most, temperature difference of every digest channel is ±1℃;

Ø       Heating power: 2KW;

Ø       Power source:AC 220V,50 ~ 60Hz;

Ø       Size:450×280×180mm;

Ø       Weight:15Kg.

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