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Nitrogen Evaporator

Capability Feature:

Water bath temperature and nitrogen flow rate can be controlled at will and real time display is specially designed; 

Unique flow track and buffer design can accelerate solvent evaporation and avoid solvent spill;

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Automatically monitor the concentration process by optical sensors. When the solvent is concentrated to the set volume, an alarm will start and the gas supply of related channel will stop. Analyst is not necessary during the concentration process;

1 to 12 samples can be concentrated at the same time. The maximum volume of the concentration vessel is 150mL;

Convenient to place the samples, set the condition and run the system;

The powerful vent system can vent the organic solvent and steam;


Technical Parameter:

Sample amount: 1-12 samples can be treated at the same time;

Sample vessel volume: 50 or 150mL;

End point detection: tracked by 12 optical sensors separately;

End point volume: set point can be settled as 0.5mL, 1.0mL or completely dry (~0.1mL); different sample vessel can be concentrated at the same time;

 Water bath temperature: ranging from room temperature – 95(±0.5);

Volume sensitivity: Ten adjustable to ensure a different color or transmittance concentrated solvent volume more accurately

Air pressure: working pressure, 0~0.1MPa (change range 0.01MPa) ; external nitrogen pressure, 0.2~0.8MPa; external maximum pressure, 1.0Mpa;

 Air consumption: every channel about 500mL/min (about 17cfm) under the maximum evaporated pressure (0.1MPa);

 Volume sensitivity: Ten steps adjustable to ensure a different color or transmittance solvent can be concentrated more accurately;

Way of control: manual control model or intelligent control model to evaporate end point ;

Alarm: system is able to alarm by buzzer when top open, concentration complete or the water for water bath is less than limit;

Others: Power source - 220V/60Hz;Size: 650×570×320mm; Weight: 20Kg

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