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Multi-Sample Homogenizer

Capability Feature:

Ultrahigh speed motor: Import brushless high-speed motor: stable speed, low nosie; maximum speed: 30,000rpm.

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Security: Transparent door design, which is convenient to monitor the tratment and  prevent samples splashing; Positive pressure of airflow can be exhausted into filters or fume cupboard.

Full automation: Microporcessor control, easy to create, edit and save working procedures including speed time; Sample stand can move up and down automatically to ensure the high efficiency of homogenization.

High efficiency: Can handle 6 samples simultaneously per time, up to 250 samples per hour.

Optional sample tubes: 2mL50mL; can handle sample volumes between 0.05 to 50mL.


Technical Parameter:

Power: 320W

Sample Numbers: 1-6

Speed Control: 500-30,000rpm, (±0.5%)

Time Control: 0-999s

Working Procedures: Can edit and save 3 procedures totally

Stator Diameter: 7.5,11,20mm

Noise: < 75dB

Other parameters: Electric Source:220V; Appearance size, 417×218×327mm; Net weight, 9.5Kg.

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