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Anaerobic incubator

Application Range:

This type of product is in the bacterial culture under anaerobic conditions and operating. This device can nurture the growth of anaerobic organisms most difficult. Anaerobic organisms can avoid the risk of death that anaerobic organisms are exposed to oxygen.

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Structural Characteristics:

The equipment is composed of the incubation chamber, operating chamber, sampling chamber, pneumatics system, bottle rack, melting wax sterilize and etc.

Main Features:

1. Microcomputer intelligent temperature controlling and overheating protection system.

2. UV disinfection light to avoid pollution.

3. Gas flow adjusted by pneumatics system.

4. Stainless steel operation room chamber. Thick, transparent and impact resistant glass window. Operations should be with gloves.

5. Special vaccination sticks sterilizer, cuvette rack and oxygen removing catalyst converter inside.



anaerobic culture case for our company the latest development of a new generation with large screen panel (touch screen type microcomputer control, can accurately and visually control incubator temperature and gas. It’s safe, reliable, concise intuitive and easy-to-use.

This system adopts the Siemens PLC as the core controller, complementary with high precision temperature sensors, oxygen sensor, temperature control module and analog module, high control precision, good stability, high safety. Humanized man-machine interface,facilitate operation personnel to process data in real time monitoring.

Imported oxygen sensors, can observe the indoor oxygen concentration.

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