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semi-automatic closed-cup flash point tester

semi-automatic closed-cup flash point tester for petroleum products (Pensky-Martins method) conforms to the ASTM D93 Standard Test Methods for Flash Point by Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Tester. 

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It is used to test for those liquids which have a kinematic viscosity of 5.8 mm 2/s (cSt) or more at 37.8°C or 9.5 mm 2/s (cSt) or more at 25°C (77°F), or that contain suspended solids, or have a tendency to form a surface film while under test. Other classification flash points have been established by these departments for liquids using these test methods.


1.The upper cover is equipped with a standard fireball comparer, easy to operate.
2.Heating with stepless voltage regulator, heating-rate equability.
3.Stainless steel heater, safe and reliable.
4.Electrical motor to agitate oil sample makes the temperature of oil sample up equability. 
5.Remote control to light fire could improve the testing accuracy.
6.Rational design with attractive appearance and easy operation.


Technical parameters

Rated voltage

AC220V±10% 50Hz

Temperature range


Heating power

01000W(Continuously adjustable)

Agitation way

Motor stirrer, 105r/min

Ignition gas

Pipeline coal gas, Liquid gas, and gas pressure less than 10Kpa

Ignition way

Remote control Ignition

Ambient requirement


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