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Pensky-Martens Closed-Cup Flash Point Tester

Purpose and scope

The instrument is designed and made as per the National Standard of People’s Republic of China GB/T261-2008 “Test Methods for Flash Point of Petroleum Products (Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Methods)”. It is suitable to determine closed cup flash point of petroleum products having a flash point higher than 40 °C as per GB/T261-2008. Refer to ASTM D93.

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Main technical specification and parameters

1. Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz;

2. Heating device:

(1) The furnace is made of SiC materials; its power is 600 W;

(2) Heating power is adjustable in the range of 0~600W;

3. Sample temperature rising rate: 1~12°C per minute, manually controlled;

4. Electric stirring device:

(1) Stirring motor: 45TYZ Motor;

(2) Driving device: by a soft shaft;

3) Stirring blade specification: 8×40 mm;

5. Stirring speed: As per the requirement of GB/T261-2008;

(1) 90~120 RPM for procedure A;

(2) 250±10 RPM for procedure B;

6. Standard oil cup: As per the requirement of GB/T261-2008;

(1) Inner diameter: 50.7~50.8 mm;

(2) Depth: 55.7~56.0 mm;

(3) Depth of Marked line on the oil cup: 33.9~34.3 mm;

(4) Oil sample cubage: about 70 ml;

7. Ignition device (Flame application device): 

(1) Ignition source: Coal gas (or other civilian combustible gas);

(2) Aperture of ignition device: 0.8 mm;

8. Thermometer: Rod type Mercury Thermometer, as per GB/T261-2008;

(1) Temperature range: -5~110°C, Each scale division is 0.5 °C;

(2) Temperature range: 20~150°C, Each scale division is 1.0 °C;

(3) Temperature range: 90~370°C, Each scale division is 2°C;9. Ambient temperature: ≤35°C;

10. Relative humidity: ≤85%;

11. Total power consumption: not more than 650 W;

12. Dimensions (m): 0.42*0.35*0.35

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