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Standard Conductivity/TDS Meter

Product description:

Standard Conductivity/TDS Meter

Measuring range: 0.00~20.00mS/cm(maximum200mS/cm,±0.5%F.S)

TDS0~10ppt (Max. 20ppt, ±1% F.S)

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Temperature range: 0~105oC (±0.5oC)

1 to 5 keys calibration, automatic identification standard solution, automatic end point locking, automatic temperature compensation, optional TDS conversion factor, temperature coefficient, electrode constant, temperature unit, stability criteria, standard temperature (20 or 25 oC), can set pure water or linear measurement mode, automatic calibration reminder, automatic information prompt, can consult electrode information, a key to restore the factory pattern, timing or manually shut machine, 500 groups of data storage, USB communication interface, comply with GLP norms


Standard configuration:

CON-1 type platinum conductivity electrode (K=1)

Temperature probe

Conductivity standard solution (146uS/cm, 1413uS/cm, 12.88mS/cm)

Carrying case and Battery

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